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By Glenda Rondo - 1:39:00 AM


One of my favorite things and always been my dream is to travel and explore new places. It gives me a new sense of perspective and a tighter grip of life's untold benefits. Whether to experience the most popular beaches of the world or the undiscovered territories of South East Asia, I always find to time to visit that one place I never set foot on but always wanted.

But travel is expensive. With the rising airfares and rates, leisure travel might be far from being realized. Or worse, it just stays with dreaming about 'that' destination.

But don't fret! With proper planning and some great tips and advice, we can reduce travel cost without reducing the benefits! Today get all the deets as I've partnered with AllTheRooms to bring you access to our not so secret hacks on saving money while on the road. I'm sharing also some tips and tricks on how to tick places off your bucket list sans the money. Fist Bump!

Planning is the Key: The best thing about planning is that you have the great chance of scoring a free seat or seat sale promotions. Not to mention flexible dates with lower rates. Honestly, and I know you will agree to this, unplanned trips can be more expensive when you factor in the unexpected elements such as impulsive ticket purchases, fixed dates, missed pre-book luggage, buying in-flight meals and other mishaps on rushing to your flights. 

Take Advantage: Being a frequent flyer I took advantage of their rewards and points redemption by signing up to airline's loyalty programme. Through this, I can redeem points from previous flights and use these points to book my future travels at a much lesser cost. I stay connected and up-to-date with their promotions and seat sale by subscribing through email. The ability to take advantage of booking hotels, purchasing goods and services from their participating partners  in order to gain more points is a win-win situation and often, beneficial! 

Intelligent Payment: Think about the accumulated service fees and hidden charges when you use certain credit cards and payment channels when booking your tickets. For example for budget airline AirAsia BIG, you can use your Debit Card with a very minimal service charge. Just make sure you enroll your SCB Card with internet banking and other online value added leads.

Time Management: With new travel technologies you can save time and headaches spend on Airport check-ins or any other checkpoints by self checking-in 14 days before your departure. It's free, simple and quick!   Remember, wasted time is worse than wasted money. 

So go on pack your bags and don't forget to check out or bring this infographic especially made for jetsetters like you to rely on. And yep, you're welcome!
Thanks a lot for reading!

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