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Narcissism At Its Best!

Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear me.

It seems like the term 'quarter-life-crisis' has taken it's meaning to a whole new level. Spell C-R-A-Z-Y! And to give you an even CRAZIER rundown of what's going on with my life for the past quarter years, everything were exciting some things were a little bit steady though. No, it's not even ironic ;)

1. One of my goals in life is to write a book and publish it anonymously. Don't ask how and why. Bday ko nmn e.

2. With regards to that goal, I'm done writing the page numbers. FYI.

3. I'm a Panda. And thanks to my office mate Nikee for making me realized it not so long before he pointed out.

4. I can whip the sweetest icing you can sink your tooth into. JK. I never tried but I can cook the best adobo ever ;)

5. I can't drive.

6. I'm reading Dear John since October last year and I'm still at chapter 2.

7. My trip to Laos and Cambodia left me in so much awe!

8. I sang a song entitled "Sad Movies" on stage back in grade school.

9. Kite Runner is my favorite movie of all time next to 500 days of summer, of course. No, I'm Sid :)

10. I'm pretty good with lyrics. Ansabe?

11. If you think you're in a financial crisis and you're not loving it.Well, we're on the same boat and it's not a good ride.

12. There's this guy I like in my high school years, too fond that I even sent him love letters because I thought he like me too. But it turned out that he doesn't. NOT EVEN A SINGLE BIT. Hahaha too bad, he never gave me the chance. toinks.

13. Is my favorite number. Hindi lahat ng 13 ay malas, 13th month pay?

14. I'm more on audio than video.

15. I can eat a little bit of everything on a given situation depending on my mood. Hindi nmn tlga ako mapili sa pagkain!

16. I went to Thailand alone and I'm thinking of going to India....Alone!

17. I can't get over Adam Levine and that song "never gonna leave this bed". Interpret as you wish.

18. You remember monkeys and their facial expressions? I don't eat them because I still love them.

19. I'm Leo. Born on the year of the Tiger. JSYK.

20. Poker-faced? I still do that.

21. That awkward moment when they randomly invited you attend a senate meetings at foreign countries and sit there just like that? Awkward.

22. Maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming but I want to be inches taller.

23. I was late in my college graduation ceremony that I almost missed going up on stage for my diploma. That wasn't impressive but I was lucky after all, to be in the door just in time for my turn. **oh-uh**

24. I sing in the bathroom.

25. I fell in love. Surprise!!!!

Shout out to all August birthday celebrants. Keep those cheer factor rockin'. Yeah?

(Photos courtesy of Wut and food by Ms. Pui whose also celebrating her bday today)

@OISHI Express Future Park Rangsit

With my bestest and mini sister who looks younger than me ;p
most amazing Account Manager. Ka-birthday ko e.

That is why it's called stolen shot =))

too much.

very much.

so much.

Many more bdays to come and free dinner and free lunch and roses and cakes =))


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