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Journeys in Thailand: A Brave New World

“Journeys in Thailand” is a series and collection of amazing stories, personal experiences, tips and advice by fellow expat and overseas Filipino workers currently living and navigating their journeys here in Thailand. Join us every first Wednesday of the month as we share the best tips and keys on how we managed to adapt to new environment, unique cultures, and various traditions.

Throwback 2011

Why I was here:

Back in 2009, my sister invited me to visit Thailand for a holiday and "change of environment" as she puts it. I never envisioned myself going out or working outside the country. But this trip changed everything. Few months later I quit my job in Makati, packed my entire life, held my suitcase and took the risks. My friend calls it soul-searching, I call it quarter-life-crisis. Hence, the word crisis!

What I love most:

That extra effort they took to make you feel comfortable and always feel at home. I met a bunch of people who became life's good friends. The kids were the sweetest. They bring you books on your lazy days, take you to dinner for the best somtum and tomyum in town, send you gifts and flowers on Valentines' Day, bring you "kannom" every time they went out-of-town on weekends and most especially, tell you 'I Love You' wherever whenever they feel like AND THEY MEAN IT! So awe-inspiring that I decided to raise my little Chloe here. (It's a dream came true actually :) 

Greatest challenge:

For my first two months here, I took up Thai Language classes for their 60-hours program but only completed barely four hours in 2 sessions. The Thai Language is a tonal language which I found it extremely hard because I'm more on writing than vocals. I decided to learn on my own and at home because the first time my teacher asked me to recite the Thai Alphabet I felt so embarrassed that I made the whole room laughing. Lol. In an almost 5 years with minimal practice, I can now humbly read and write basic Thai words. Thailand is like Japan, the people here don't speak Chinese. Gets? Foreign languages aren't just their priority. If you want them to understand, speak the same language as they do. Mmmm argue with that?

Crazy adventure:

Until now, I still get lost around the city. I guess it's part of the whole trip. The first time I went here, I lost my way around the airport. And to add a little drama to my entry "I went to Thailand alone" I planned to surprise my sister with a knock on her apartment door at 2:00 one Saturday afternoon. Little did I realized, this little surprise will shock me with a thousand baht. The consolation prize? I rode in a limousine from the airport holding my breath wishing I won't get pick on or worst. Thank God for heroes ;)

View from Baiyoke Sky Tower

My Biggest disappointment:

My first ever job interview from a foreign company. The entire scene was beyond disappointing but the rest were just another lessons learned. Nobody told me to hold my hopes up, I just did. And yeah, things happen. 

And the Flood! Flooding! Flooded! 

What made me stay:

The probability that you will find Accounting related jobs here is low but the probability that you will survive the next 2 years (unemployed) is high. Loans? lol. That's overrated but it's quite possible. The cost of living here is way cheaper than other countries. (Insert Singapore here) From groceries to fruits to books to public transportation, so affordable you can have them practically anywhere. Plus, their clothes are so fashionable it's so easy to sell. Back home. And get your money back ;) 

What I miss home:

Jollibee :( Palabok! Palabok! Palabok lang katapat neto'. 

How to get here:

You can visit Cebu PacificPhilippine Airlines, AirAsia,  and Kuwait Airlines, among others for seat sale and promotions.

You can also post your resume at JobsDB Thailand for employment opportunities. Outside blogging, I'm a DCC and Cost Account Executive in an American-based company for 5 years now. You can walk-in and hands on your resumes through their offices. Teaching positions and other related degrees are currently indemand here esp with ASEAN being implemented. 

Ciao and good luck!

Updated 2015

***This post originally posted last 2011, some minor edits were made by the author for this edition.***


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