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My Tiny Little Miracle

So this is how it all started,



He was attempting to convey the GOOD NEWS to his girlfriend in such a way that she will not overreact but it was difficult. He was afraid to open his mouth. She was having off days for the past few weeks and timing would be really everything for her. She called in-sick this morning – but not without a more alarming reason. And he was seizing the answer. All the anxiety, the morning sickness and the fear if not excitement had been summed up to this two lines and there are still more to be concerned about.
“It’s positive?!?” the tiny little girl screamed as she hugged her pillows and rolled over and hid back under the comforting shades of her blanket. Was she crying? Who knows?



He sat in silence.
On the inside, the tiny girl was watching this remarkable turn of event unfold in a blink of an eye. She wondered if she’s ready for something deeper, something more complex than any decision-making she’d ever done in her life. And truth be told, she was scared. She was feeling overwhelmed. But still she gathered her wits and waited for a few minutes to declare what she was really thinking about. And with the positivity and negativity each pulling at the end of her instinct, she did want it! After all, it was an answered prayer.
“I want it!” she roared.

Its obvious now as the good news she had just heard glowed in her face with the warmest radiance. And her smile, her smile, how could he ever forget that. Like any wise father does, he was dying to drown himself in love with that special someone growing inside of her by hugging the one that was in front of him.
That morning, the sun shone so bright that they suddenly became so unafraid, so open-minded and confident to tell the world how grateful they were to the Highest for the wonderful gift this little being was.



In the ground floor apartment he cranked up the volume to “Sing Sing Sing” by Chris Tomlin on an early Sunday morning. His wife snuggled in bed and seemed completely oblivious of the sound or noise that escaped up to the 2nd floor. He preferred not to wake her up. She must be very tired.
Perhaps she’s only a few days to what she considers to be “the best time of her life”. They’re both looking forward to that day, and she got the feeling it will be anytime soon.
The building manager who lived in the top floor was getting ready for the Sunday service. And so did everyone else.

She decided not to participate in the liveliness of morning but symptoms and signs were dragging her to get up and soaked in the freshness of sun light. Aside from the regular trip to the comfort room that kept her awake the whole night, the bed seemed like a sauna and she’d been bathing in sweat. She opened the door and a stain of red light reflected from the doorway to the walls of their bathroom.

“She’s here!” her heart beating so fast. The tiny girl pulled out all the dainty clothes she rolled up and packed all the necessities in her hospital bag. No, her neighbors weren’t surprised at all but their smiles filled the room with best wishes and extra excitement. They wanted her to know that they would always be there, always.

So, he and his wife started their journey before this little being would say his proper first Hello and wasted no time for words.


Surely, she’d read all the true-to-life pregnancy stories available for her online, listened to the wonderful and unpleasant experiences of mothers and closest friends around and took in some of the most genuine and useful pieces of advice by experts she came in contact with but still, this was a different story.
It was a bit more uncomfortable, a little exposing, a little raw.
It was almost too much for her little body to bear so she got lost in the outburst of her thoughts and uncontrollable outpouring of emotions. Was it a tension or perhaps a discomfort?
She chocked.
She only bounced back when the nurse distracted her with an “emergency operation” cry. Certainly she felt blameworthy for her deep thoughts hurt the little one but this was what was right now. She’s ready to pop out.

Naked and vulnerable she struggled against doses of medicines running through her veins. She had no choice but to give in to her pounding pulse. The last thing she felt was a needle working to her very last nerve. The rest was left unto God.
10:40 AM: IT'S A GIRL! 

So the best time of their lives was that moment when that little girl inside of her - who felt so much a part of her- was without a doubt finding a way to meet them and call them mommy and daddy.

As Taylor Swift very well put it in a song, "it was enchanting to meet" her.
Daddy was trying to distract her daughter. But she felt safe rolling her face over and over on her father’s warm embrace.
Mommy held her in her arms and nestled her head on mommy’s heart and from that moment on she couldn’t stand to be apart from the warmth of her mother skin.
“Love” she thought.


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