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Happy 14th Month Chloe!

Since its Chloe’s 14th month birthday today I might also share her birth story (for the nth times lol) and why I opted for a C-section.

Firstly, I want to commend how strong those 80’s women I know in my family especially my mom, for being such a real kick ass hero. I couldn’t even imagine how they were able to manage those remarkable normal deliveries of 7-10 kids without medication but only with a help of a kumadrona. 

As a first time mom, the stories I heard and read online from other moms enormously affected my decision and my view towards normal and C-section delivery. I think it’s safe to say, I didn’t research remarkably on my homework that I realized how little did I cared about my well being and was effortlessly influenced and concerned more on the easy way out.

Yes I was thinking and opting for a C-Section on the last trimester of my pregnancy, simply because I was scared. I was seriously terrified for the first time in my whole life. Then it happened.

On that Sunday morning of January 26, 2014 my husband and a friend of ours brought me to the hospital thinking that was the day. What made us decide to go the hospital was not because of contractions but more of the spotting if not the breaking of my “water”. I was feeling easy that time but not until they put this metal thing on me to check if I’m 3cm dilated. I was not. That’s when I started to feel anxious, I was thinking maybe baby is not ready to meet the world yet; that maybe they would send me back home or stay a little bit longer in my hospital room and bear the excruciating pain of contractions. I was lost for a moment. 

So they went on to check my baby’s and my heartbeat. Soon after a minute or two, a nurse came by my side shouting, alarming everybody that the baby's heart rate had dropped dangerously low and they need to prepare me for an emergency C-section. That’s when I stopped breathing. I was scared for my baby, but I know it was my fault. The nurse calmed me down and went on for my C-section preparation. Until I passed out but heard my name over and over again.

Later in the afternoon, I woke up with my husband and everybody around looking relieved that I made it and finally recovered through all the shock. I held my baby in my arms for the first time and I’d never felt more fulfilled. I regained strength. 

But take note, the first cut is the deepest, literally, figuratively and aesthetically speaking. I’d never felt any pain in giving birth but the agony after all the anesthesia was gone? It’s unbearable. I cried the whole night and wanted to shout at the nurses why they didn’t let my husband stayed with me.

So if you’re deciding on yourself to go on a C-section, DON’T! It’s a major operation, a general anesthesia and a lot of blood loss! Not to mention the side effects.

I love you Chloe, I never regret having you baby whether it’s Caesarian or normal delivery, nothing’s going to separate us now.  



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