Happy 21st Month Chloe!

By Glenda Rondo - 12:25:00 AM

I'm proud that this beautiful 21-month-old baby understands simple commands and questions but I'm little bit worried that she struggles on talking and getting her meaning across. Instead, she uses sign languages to communicate with us accompanied by few vowel-consonants combinations like, ta-ta-ta-, chu-chu-, mam- mam among others. I'm expecting to hear her "mommy and daddy" and all other gestures in actual words like most toddlers of her age with rapid vocabulary spurt at this stage. 

And as normal, I feel guilty spending a little time with my toddler; postponing her dental visits, vaccine schedules, potty training and not concentrating on feeding her healthy foods. Is she lacking on nutrition? I want to discuss this to her doctor but I've never been to her vaccine appointment so I'm stocked. 

Not to mention other people asking and comparing her to other children with the same height (which they refer as the same age) with extraordinary speaking development, adding more stress to the situation.

My baby lives in a multi-lingual environment just wait until she become a chatterbox and oh better get ready for every why, what and who questions under the sun.


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