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Happy 22-Month Chloe!

At this point of her development, she can now understand many more words than she can actually say. So I'm trying to focus on her listening skills than stressing myself out on her speaking progress. I borrowed some practical tip from Mark and Grace Driscoll, to place a hand on the head of your children every day and pray over them. So every day I pray to God that she be healthy, smart, cheerful and carefree and God-fearing; that she will advance her language progress to a good degree.

But while keeping my faith on it, I might as well enjoy simple but happy memories of times together. What I love most is when I sing nursery rhymes with her and naturally sing along with me even if she can't say all the words. Her attempt at carrying the tune is just perfect to my ears. Like for example when I sing "head, shoulders, knees and toes" she is able to point out her body parts at the right places. And all the ad-lib the nursery teacher is saying in her favorite "Chu Chu TV" channel?  She can perfectly mimic the tone of speech and repeat them with similar infliction.

And the funny part of this stage is, which is my favorite, I saw her holding my favorite book and pretended to read it herself in such a way that she will sit in a corner, the book covering her face but her eyes if not, her head were moving left to right and scanning it like the fastest reader ever recorded. I know she's only pretending, but I couldn't be prouder. 

On the other news, her attention span is becoming relatively shorter than before. She often gets upset when things are not coming her way. And the worst thing is, she will throw away everything she's holding at that specific moment. And for the record, she broke two phones down. I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it, but sometimes I can't resist the urge to hit her. And my neighbors can surely remember (by heart) all the phrases I used to calm down a crying baby.

Way to go, Chloe J


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