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Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe

Dearest Chloe,

I know you don’t understand languages by now but someday you will read this and smile. YOU MAKE THIS WORLD AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!

It’s the second year of your life and we’re celebrating your existence as usual. It gave me a kind of amusing floating feeling as I wrote to you how I mapped the upshot of your 2nd birthday; how only a red hi-cut shoes goes well with your black little dress, how black backdrop will enhance the details of your party decorations, how seafood will bring new taste to lunch, that cake should arrive at 11 am sharp and that Daddy and me will only wear the shades of red."And we will stick to it" I told Daddy.  But truth be told, I wasn’t part of the uphill struggle at all.  I did little to nothing.

And to make up for my shortcomings, my part of the show came down to this: to relay and narrate to you the true behind-the-scene story. I want you to remember and thank these people who became part of your own little world. Those extra efforts they took to make your big day extra special.  

Your Handsome Daddy

The universe knows good and well that Daddy did almost everything while Mommy didn’t notice. Well, I notice now, always. One week before your birthday, he already placed an order for your birthday cakes, made a list of what to buy and what to cook. He wanted to make a slight change on the original plan but the theme was already set up. He has to cook as planned. And as usual, on that Saturday morning, he made coffee, breakfast, and lunch for the two of us got his shopping bag and waited until you were off to your afternoon nap before he kissed you goodbye.  He did the grocery shopping, he did the cooking and the entire preparations, and he looked after the party decorations. He searched high and low for those specific red hi-cut shoes exactly as mommy insisted him to buy.  He went home late that evening only to wake up early the following morning.

Your Soon-To-Be Ninang

Tita Jirah is the brain behind your organized party and creative set-up. She’s cool like that, but in her totally own way. She gets things done. And that initiative is too good for words. She started working a week before your birthday and went to bed late almost every night since then. How does a person you just met a few months ago will go an extra mile just to make you happy, smile and celebrate everything with your life? Sometimes, you’re just too blessed to me(e)t such.

Your Ninongs and Ninangs

Meanwhile, while daddy was busy searching for your red boots, your Ninongs and Ninangs were busy climbing the wall and ceiling, helping ate Jirah ensure the final touches to your decorations. Not to mention the stress they’ve been through just to find the perfect gift for your birthday. They know how much you love surprises and seeing you gleefully unwrapping those special presents IS everything.

And most importantly, your PRAYER WARRIORS!

These people's prayers brought us together. You, me and daddy. They’ve been telling God all about you ever since you were inside my womb. You are an answered prayer and these people are the reason why we carry out celebrations. I tried a million times to say Thank You but I couldn’t be prouder of you when a time comes that you’ll return the favor yourself.



P.S . Some friends and relative sent you heartfelt messages on Facebook;


  1. Dear Chloe,

    You may forget me from time to time and be scared to get near me; but, I want to tell you that I would rather be a male so that you would easily come to me (trade my gender at that, bae). :) I'm so proud of you, your every spoken word is a milestone and a great joy to us.

    Happy Birthday again. I'm equally excited for your next birthday!


    Your soon-to-be ninang :)


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