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Ever feel your blood slowly smoldering when you’re calling your baby for dinner or sleeping time but she lingers and ignores you? And poor momma had a stressful day at work so you snapped and shouted at a 3-year-old bubba. But still, she turns off her sharp antennae because this super active baby is too engaged in her long super fun play sessions.  What makes a 3-year-old have all that energy?

Disturbing as this may sound, I’m trying not to interrupt her busy schedule right away. I know she’s assimilating with the new environment or neighborhood and playing with them would be a great way to expose her and spend some time in the company of adults other than me and daddy. I’m keeping in mind the benefit for her and a chance to develop special interactions with cousins, grandparents, kids of her age or close family friends. Plus, she can practice her communication skills.

On the side note, Chloe has nothing but goofy and silly facial expressions most of the time. (So long cute baby photos!) And the little girl is pretty clever she was telling mommy she gets it from Daddy and friends but nah ah, she just doesn’t want mommy to check what she’s watching on Youtube, on the TV and movies. She’s overwhelmed by what she’s seeing and hearing and she tends to copy them all. Sometimes good sometimes bad and we need some Spartan filtering to do!

So going back, implementing a consistent nap time or meal time with a 3-year-old can be so tricky. One surefire clue is when the power of play is making her consistently lively and resistant of sleeping or eating a regular meal. At this age, a nice transition of things can be helpful; “rest time” for sleeping and “milk-to-go” for eating.

That is why I’m so happy to be partnering with Fuelbaby on partaking innovative and useful resources in making lives easier for parents: save time, cost-efficient, user-friendly, safe for baby and makes us ready to face our day-to-day battles. Introducing their first ever product, the newly launched ultimate feeding bottle –Fuelbaby bottle.

Prep at Home. Mix on the Go. Feed Anywhere.

I always love to let my baby feel she’s in control of some situations like picking her own clothes, choosing her own toys or things she often used. This way she can give me a clue about which she likes better, given the proper guidelines and quality inspection by me of course. And the first time she saw Fuelbaby bottle, somebody had to call a referee because she won’t let daddy or anyone touch it. She calls it her “pink bottle”.
Their clump-free and forward-thinking designs come in three parts;

This design is very well thought of. It is lighter than some feeding containers considering its size and is shatterproof. It is easy to clean as you can break them in parts. You can wash them with your regular detergent and warm water by hand or dishwasher. I prefer to wash bottles by hand and I don’t boil them anymore since I’m afraid of chemicals that can be leak when exposed to hot temperatures. But nothing to worry as Fuelbaby bottle is free from any harmful chemicals and completely non-toxic so rest assured your baby is safe and happy. Isn’t that our main priority and criteria for judging?

This comes in handy when you or your baby are always on-the-go or if she asks for a bottle during midnight. You can prepare in advance by measuring formula and store on this Fueler at home or before you go to bed. It saves me ample time by not using a separate storage or eliminates the mess because I don’t need to transfer it to the bottle. You can buy extra Fueler if you like so you can just swap it out for next serving. The size is perfect too for me not to mix big batches or amount only to throw out what’s left over in the end.

By the way, just a random tip for new moms like me, always mix formula exactly as it says on the label. I know you’ve heard it a lot but sometimes we’re so in a rush that we add too much water or too little. Definitely, you can see the results of this by looking at your baby’s poop. If that happens, try adding water if it’s hard on her stomach and vice-versa.

Don’t you just love it that this feeding bottle is BPA-free and completely non-toxic? Some plastic bottles are filled with a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) and it’s extremely harmful. Of course, safety always comes first! All of their products including Nipples are completely non-toxic and it is even fueled with anti-colic air system that helps minimize uncomfortable pressure and gas that can be swallowed by baby while feeding. I can tell by basing it on the nipple’s hole that it has a good flow rate. We have tried several types of nipples in various shapes and sizes but so far my baby can drink easily from this one. Happy tummy equals happy baby!

You can watch their video here to have a better idea of how it works.

So mommies, the next time your baby demands and marches into the next house and stays there like forever – I mean until your partner struggles to bring her home – pack her meal or beddings and ask your friendly neighbors to babysit while you’re at it. Lol. We can get into battles with our kids on basically everything but if it’s only during the weekend and she enjoys it, I can’t be bothered. Now I don’t mind her staying in the neighborhood as long as she brings her milk or lies on the bed for rest time and charges her batteries. Let kids be kids for now.

Thanks a lot for reading!


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