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On Keeping Up Appearances as a Mom

Hey Mommies,

First thing first, we did an amazing job creating our babies and we deserve all the love and praises no matter what size we are currently in. Of course, it was an amazing battle we hardly ever fought - but we won! And we can all nod in agreement that the moment a tiny little being stole our hearts and entered the no 1. spot in our lives, our priorities and perspectives in life began to diverge. I don't know about you but my youthful thinking and beliefs began to vanished and so with my looks. So long forever-young goals and appearances!

But don't fret, as KIM K very well put it and which I definitely agreed on, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I'm dead. I believe we can still be pretty confident while trying our best maneuvering our time to save the world.

Exercise for a Healthy and Fit Body

For many years, I've been putting exercise and being body fit at the bottom of my priority. I went back to work 45-days after giving birth and oh man, the advancement in my career decreases my energy for everything that involves my baby and I'm often too tired. The solution; a realistic schedule and exercise plan. But who would have time to go to the gym when we have more tasks and responsibilities than the hours of the day? When we have more pressing concerns like SLEEP for instance? Good news you don't have to go that route!

There are many ways and option to do it without messing up your schedule and lifestyle. I wake up extra early in the morning to jog around the house with Chloe and the puppy. You can put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk early morning. Turn on the TV and do some Zumba dancing. Or better yet you can download a 7-minute workout app that lets you pick a workout that fits into a small time you have. It's free and helps keep your exercise options interesting in just a very quick 7 minutes - so you could spend more time chasing the kids around the house. 

Ditch the Mommy Uniform and Just Be you!

I admit it, it takes months for me before I traded my loose T-shirt, Joggers, Mom up-do (because I haven't washed my hair for days) and my oldie but goodie sneakers for my now fashion stylin' while mommin' uniform.

I'm not an expert but looking good doesn't mean doing the full face of makeup or a blowout to take your kids to school. Or why not, if you scare people with your no-make up look? I love double duty beauty products that can work as a blush on, eye shadow and lipstick when I'm on a run. I went an extra mile and master the capsule wardrobe I can mix and match in so many ways. I love accessories that add oomph to my outfit or a staple style horse you can dress up or down. Jumpsuits are always my go-to when I'm in a rush and needs to get ready in a minute.

But if you choose comfort over style that's totally okay too. Only by knowing what works best for you and choose the right pieces to help you juggle with your mom duties comfortably.

Let Your Healthy Glowing Hair Do the Talking!

Earlier this week, Dhel asked me what's the best haircut for him as he hates the way his hair looks and grows thinner these days. I told him I wanted a rebonding treatment for my dry coarse hair too so we can go together. Let's call it a date? Lol

Regardless of whether you are a mom or a dad, our hair gets thinner as we get older. Our hair is our crowning glory so why do we give it so little care? It might sound excessive but our hair needs quality multivitamin too. Go straight to the source and nourish the inside by taking a supplement. It is best when you take one with biotin every morning and evening for healthier and stronger hair.

So again, mommies even if we are working full-time or part-time with our mommy duties our body deserves to be celebrated from head-to-toes. And all it takes is a little TLC and absolutely zero hating only pure body love.

Thanks a lot for reading!

This post was sponsored. As usual, all opinions are my own.


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