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This Is The Best Bridesmaid Dress Color for 2019

You'll even want one for yourself. Elegant A-Line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses Now that you've locked in the best bridal dress for your big day, here comes the real challenge - finding the best color and style of bridesmaid dresses that are affordable for everyone. If you're like me, you'll stick to your favorite fashion color even if this is outside the wedding trend and the next thing you know you're in all shades of one-color-induced panic. Yep, even color pink comes in different shades. Though we've been writing and introducing you to a lot of bridesmaid dresses in bold and dark hues here at the blog, there's this one particular color we are loving at the moment and that your bridesmaid will surely approve. Of course, everyone wants to look chic when they catch your bouquet and you expect them to look stunning even after dealing with your bridal meltdowns, don't you? Well, we are talking about dreamy champagne-colored br
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5 Trendy Suit You'll Want To Buy For Your Man

 Anyone who knows me or been following my blog for some time understands that I'm constantly working with brands focusing on women's style that can take you from casual to chic like that. But don't let that fool you - I am inspired by men's brand embracing the spectrum of style as well. Which is why I figured it's about time we give men's brand a little love. Allaboutsuit caught my eye when I spotted their wide range of high-quality products - prom suits, leisure suits, wedding tuxedos, and shirts at affordable prices. Checking on with this store's background, I was thrilled to learn that allaboutsuit was founded in early 2020 during the spread of Covid-19. My support and appreciation for businesses accelerated during this pandemic, especially those who are determined to bring the best products and services to customers despite the circumstances. And this store is no exemption - at least when it comes to suiting. The traditional-meets-sophisticated approach

How To Instantly Add Luxury To Your Wardrobe

As you have probably guessed, I literally spend a good part of my day shopping online. Yep, when major sales popped out, I'll stop what I'm doing to catch a glimpse on which of those pieces look good on me. To the point, I recently spent a morning scrolling through a dozen items on shopping websites. Making me the perfect target consumer when it comes to social media marketing ads. Ha! Sadly, however, I can’t possibly purchase everything on my wishlist and so every now and then I blog about my current favorites hoping somebody can benefit from the fruits of my labor. While there are specific brands I love to cover on a weekly basis today I like to highlight and celebrate similar brands for cheap yet elegant staples to give you more unique and fashion-forward options. Just keep scrolling to get started shopping and see a couple of elegant dresses to keep your outfit on point. Clothing website, was founded on the vision ""to be a top-end garment supp

What NOT To Say To An Expecting Mama

***This post originally appeared at *** Pregnancy Spa Gift Box We've all been there. A dear friend is pregnant, and you're bursting with excitement! You may want to share your own experience with pregnancy and childbirth, or you may want to give her the best piece of advice you've heard when it comes to raising children. While many things can be taken in stride by pregnant women, there are a few zingers that you'll want to steer clear of, even though you have the best of intentions. "Wow, you're huge!" This, or any other comment on her weight or size, isn't a good idea. If you want to comment on her appearance, the appropriate sentiment is, "you look beautiful." "Sleep while you can." Pregnant mothers-to-be are exhausted from growing a tiny human, and the last thing they need to hear is how they may be even more exhausted when the baby arrives. If you'd like to be helpful, offer to come o

Walking On Eggshells Around Your Mother In Law? Rebuilding The Relationship With Positivity And Love

***This post originally appeared at *** If you're struggling to get along with your mother in law, you're not alone. Mother/ daughter in law relationships is notorious for strife. While it can be tough to mend a broken or cracked relationship with your mother in law, it's far from impossible. Let's take a look at some tips and tricks that can help you and your mother in law get to a healthy, happy place in your relationship.  Ask yourself - will this matter a year from now? When you're in a place where you're primed for a fight with your mother in law each time you speak, it can be easy to become defensive and go against everything that comes out of her mouth. While this is natural if you've been treated poorly in the past, the first step toward mending your relationship may involve you being the more mature party by initiating a cease-fire. When you have the urge to argue or speak against your mother in law, ask yourself if the i

Dear Ava's Mother's Day Gift Guide

***This post originally appeared at***                     One of our favorite times of year is Mother's Day. It's a day where we can slow down and appreciate all of the mothers out there who have done so much for us, we just can't thank them enough. We've compiled our recommendations on some of the best gifts for Mother's Day, including a few of our own.  Although we truly believe in the spirit of Mother's Day, we know that it can be stressful to find the right gift. That's why we've compiled our 2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide to hopefully point you in the right direction! A Gift for the Mom That Stays Active - Lululemon On My Level Tote - Available at Lululemon For the active mom, this generously-sized durable tote bag is perfect for both the office and the gym. The 15” pouch fits the majority of laptops in addition to sporting plenty of pockets for accessories. It comes in 3 colors too. A Gift for the Mom


The Best Shapewear And Waist Shaper To Invest In

Paging Kim Kardashian! I've noticed shapewear has been quickly gaining momentum this year and I regret not buying or adding a few pieces in my intimate drawer earlier. Truth be told, after giving birth to Chloe, my body gone through drastic changes and that includes bulging tummy, shapeless waistline or flat butt. Lol! And having undergone a C-section, I'm looking for an easy way to trim my tummy, shape my waistline, and make my butt look the best it can be without having to hit the gym and do a gazillion squats, lunges or crunches.  FeelinGirl Latex Waist Trainer  I mean I love motherhood and everything that comes with it - stretchmarks, mommy uniform, hair bun and most especially my instant favorite accessory I love to wear around my arms - my newborn bundle of joy. However, there are moments when we just want that added support and take extra control over some areas of our body which in turn, boost our confidence. Don't we? Especially now that holiday