Songkran Mini Kick-off Celebration @GEMT

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A bowl of good omen, only if you're good ;)

I don't usually post or write about work on my blog but since I already had three major deadlines done for today, (2 more to go) I might as well take a break and give you a glimpse of Gemcity.

Our company decided to have a mini Songkran celebration to kick-off the Kingdom's Water Festival. It officially starts on the 13th of April but with the majority of employees (including me) taking their annual leaves, our Directors approved this simple celebration arranged by some of my officemates. Also, our Big Boss is currently in the US so there's no plan of huge water fighting this time of the year. Bummer! 

I was hiding mostly in the photos because I wasn't in proper attire and also because I've got piles of deadlines I'm rushing to clear now before I'm off to a week long holiday. Yay!!

Glimpse of one of our "Clean Room"s for highly sensitive production

Sacred water with flowers

Flower Girls (tiny little me at the back)

This time, I'm gone :)

Our Quality Assurance Manager jumpstarted the mini-ceremony

My partner in ISO Control ;)

One of our Engineers

Simple set up


Few of my officemates after the celeb. Most were back on their desk working on deadlines, inc me :)

Our HR assistant paying respect to our bosses

An act of splashing/pouring water for good luck!

Bank, our purchasing officer

Our Company Director and Manager

Sak, our welding supervisor

Two of my closest friends in the industry ;p
Got more than 100 photos in my inbox, but I have to save it for now.I've got a feeling I've been oversharing the past few months. Kidding!


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  1. Cool, great to get a sense of the ceremony and see your colleagues, have a great holiday!
    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  2. Great vintage outfit. :)
    EOS giveaway international is on my blog

  3. You guys are so cute


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