Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron Review: Is it worth it?

By Glenda Rondo - 8:37:00 PM

I started using flat irons since I was 18 years old (well, that was 12 years ago?) and I’m amazed at how the industry of hair straighteners had come. Man, I think we're missing out on some great deal.

Flat iron over the years,

We all know the humble beginnings of hair comb or some may call them hair thongs which are made of two rods heated to straighten the hair. I never get to use this one as I was introduced to the second generation of hair straighteners and that was using a standard home clothes iron. Nah, I mean the basic flat irons made with metal plates and few heat settings. Not until the early 2000s when I saw this model with ceramic plates that most people use today. Ceramic is by far the most popular material for this product as it is both inexpensive and actually safer compared to the clothing iron or heating rods back in days. Depending on your hair type, ceramic plates are believed to lock in moisture and protect hair color. But with a lot of this model being sold in the market today, it can almost be impossible to choose the right one. Because of its popularity, many companies are producing low-end flat irons that lack all the necessary features. Personally, I have used the cheapest one to middle priced and I can’t complain because I got what I pay for. There are more cons than pros; the overheating and extremely damaged hair over cheap price.  Most low-end straighteners use the single layer of ceramic coating and very much disposable. While other high ends use multiple layers or even 100% ceramic material and with an automatic temperature adjustment to prevent your hair from becoming fried.

After the ceramic revolution then comes the most durable and most sought by the beauty industry; the flat irons with tourmaline crystals. And in a short span of time, some iron plates have been replaced with lighter materials and some even coated in titanium and gold.  Professionals are extra careful and picky when it comes to the kind of flat irons they use. They highly recommend that you buy the ceramic plate infused with tourmaline for extra smooth hair and fitted with automatic temperature adjustments to prevent accidents.

Fortunately today, we have high-quality hair straightening products available in the market which necessitate not only all the important features and plate materials but also combined with specialized technologies that work well with different hair types. And above all these, it comes with a unique and innovative twist; a luxurious feature of crushed diamond particles.

Features and benefits,

This particular professional hair straightening is more than just the sleek packaging and irresistible name. This product is of high quality and easy to use. The rounded shape ceramic plates are coated with crushed diamond particles and mixed with tourmaline you can use safely not only to straighten your hair but also to wave it or style as desired.  Diamond flat iron even offers a number of smart hi-tech features to elevate day-to-day hair styling. It comes with 360 degrees mobile cord that prevents tangles and twists as you move around, an intelligent heat display, an automatic shut down in 30 minutes and key buttons strategically placed inside all to prevent accidents.  It's super light and you can practically bring anywhere because the temperature will adjust automatically by universal voltage. It comes in a stylish shade of red and sleek magnetic packaging it can double as storage. I’ll apologize in advance for being guilty of good praises for this flat iron because just like other positive reviews, this flat iron is a star when it comes to protecting and keeping your hair in place while styling it; the 1” floating plate self-adjust when it comes to pressure points thus making iron works smoothly through the hair without pulling it.

Pricing and shipments,

Considering its best features, performance, and life this professional hair straightening is valued at a hefty price of $149 plus shipping charges, but don't fret, they're currently offering up to 20% discounts and special offers on their website. It’s pretty competitive compared to some middle-end pieces with the same features available in the market today. Remember, when you’re willing to pay a little more you will get extra more perks. As far as shipping is the concern, US residents will enjoy standard shipping period. While consumers from Asia like me and other parts of the world might have to wait a bit longer to enjoy their purchases. It took approximately 2 weeks from New York to Thailand for this product to arrive safely and hassle-free on my doorstep.  With an enhanced global shipping and handling these days, it’s worth the money and waits if that would mean a high-quality product that will last you for years.

Now comes the most exciting part, the verdict;

Personally, when it comes to choosing flat iron my top concern would be its ability to straighten my thick hair in the shortest possible time. And to be honest with you I thought a 1” inch size ceramic plate would not be ideal for me because the larger the plates the better for long thick hair right? But guess what; I realized the heat is often the most important thing and one of the best features this product could offer. At the speed of 15 seconds, it gets hot by 210 Celsius; I begin with dividing my hair into tiny section first, and then apply a slow steady movement and of course a consistent heat you can monitor on an intelligent display. And with small hands like mine, I have a better grip and control of its size. My problem with large iron is that it gets pretty heavy after some time of using it, while tiny ones can be too hot to hold. While it’s not ideal for a situation like when you’re running out late, I personally think this professional hair straightening size is perfect for all hair type if you want to achieve best results. Plus with its rounded shape plates, I also used this model not only to straighten my hair but also to slightly wave it, soft curl or twist it.  Who doesn’t love having the luxury of sporting several styles in just one styling tool?

Another point, I’ve been nursing an extremely dry hair caused by a “rebond” treatment and DIY hair coloring I had a few months ago and as long as possible I’m staying away from any hair styling tools that can exacerbate hair damage. I can be biased but using Diamond flat iron set at 190-210 degrees changes my mind. It has shown me good results; it diminishes frizz and leaves my hair sleeker and better looking, even as it styles it.

Okay, enough said.

I highly recommend you take a look at this professional hair straightener and a wide variety of hair accessories and hair care on their website

Thanks a lot for reading! 

**This post is sponsored by and as usual, all opinions are my own.**

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