Simple Mother's Day Celebration

By Glenda Rondo - 9:49:00 PM

My persona has changed since I gave birth to Chloe and you may be wondering how much adjustment I am dealing with? I’m talking about a massive 360 degrees turn of personality from young-and-self-centered-me to a-feeling-40-year-old-lady who have a say to almost everything (solicited or not)! In short I’m from blah to blah blah blah and blah. Lol!
Everyone who knows me will tell you how extremely quiet I am. When asked about certain topic or opinion I’m completely mum thinking that whatever I have to say wouldn’t matter anyway, because well, I’m afraid I lack the experiences and guts. But I realized, with a new responsibility in mind I can do something truly great in this lifetime. I can be the voice of the voiceless through my writing.
That’s when I took my blogging to a whole new level a.k.a the annoying proud parent.
I think Chloe wants me to die with sweetness ayie :)
And this mother’s day I want to give emphasis and address the poor health care (OR THE LACK THEREOF) of family planning in my hometown in a small province in the Philippines. I noticed the skyrocketing numbers of very young mothers giving birth periodically. And I’m sure these mothers have no access to vitamins and necessary nutrients, proper pregnancy check-ups or regular doctor’s visit. While other moms can seamlessly handle it, I’m sure that something is taken away from them; their right to a healthy motherhood or life in general. I understand, that with my conservative country wherein majority of people are Catholics, I respect that we’re not all in favor of RH Bill or Reproductive Health Law. Or if in any case this is being implemented, universal access to methods on contraception, sex education or maternal cares are not guaranteed. And I’m also utterly aware of the negative effect of this to the country; a deteriorating health rate among mothers and an increasing number of irresponsible parenthood.
And one great way to support these people is to encourage all moms to take the initiative and go to a near public clinic and ask for free contraceptives or answers to any of your doubts or health concerns. Don’t wait for the health/ clinic officials to come to you and tell you what to do because that might take 3 more unplanned pregnancies before they do. Educate yourselves to healthy motherhood and proper family planning by talking to other moms or by joining mom’s group in your community. A road to responsible parenthood and stress-free motherhood is within our reach and it starts with us taking the necessary steps.
Happy Mother's Day to us

The best thing about your special day is you're allowed to die with sweetness ;)

I'm no high maintenance mama, a green tea frappe is perfectly fine with me... and a strawberry crepe..and oh macaroons won't hurt either lol!

Please excuse the no-make-up-straight-from-the-bed look, but I had tightest and sweetest hug in the world! ♥

My baby girl and her friends :)

Cutest Macaron but never got the chance to munch one, it was gone right after I took this photo ;)

You're so fluffy my dear :)

Daddy on the background is a good idea!

Everybody loves green tea,

Even the baby :)

One more hug with the baby bear

And I love you mommy ;)

Thanks a lot for reading!

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