The Sun, The Sea And The Sand

By Glenda Rondo - 11:08:00 AM

I’m always overwhelmed by a random unfussy trip to my top-the-list-but-no-budget-to-visit dream destinations. Aside from the idea that it’s completely free, it’s such a breath of fresh air to have somebody organized it for you that all you have to do is bring yourself, agree to what was planned, enjoy the ride and chillax. Often than not, they were always the best dream ever came true. And my 2007 trip to Boracay is no-exemption.
My sister phone in Tuesday night asking if it’s possible to file my vacation leave from Friday to Monday the same week because she’s planning of taking us out-of-town for summer. Ever defensive, she started explaining herself why it came so short notice and continued discussing details on her so called once-in-the-blue-moon out-of-the-town treats. I, on the other line, was busy organizing my thoughts while puzzled imagining the whole picture.  You know the mini heart attack you get when you heard something from someone you didn’t expect. My sister, summer vacay, boracay, hahaha, terrific!!! I asked Qs on repeat to make sure I heard things right.
“You mean, you’re taking us to Boracay for summer vacay….to Boracay with you completely free…. to Boracay on Friday?
“Just inform me first thing Wednesday morning if it’s possible so I can finalize everything”.
And so my sister and her wonderful proposals hang in there.
But of course it’s always possible! I talked to myself.
We left Manila Thursday 4pm and arrived at Batangas pier past 7 in the evening. The budget was so tight that part of the “I agree to the terms and conditions of the trip” thing was to take the CHEAP but long hard way. To Boracay by the sea =)

It was my first time to ride on a RORO so I find the whole thing amazing! Plus, it’s actually cheap, I can attest to that. (And oh I just imagined the super sarap “binalot” value meals we ate for dinner). It took us almost 2 hours to reach Caticlan pier. And from there, we rented a van to get to the other side of Mindoro to catch the Ship last direct trip to Aklan. Phew!!
The Caticlan to Aklan trip was the best part. Imagine, you were in the middle of a wide ‘whale territory” for almost 6 hours trying to convince yourself you were not actually there. Oh forget ship sinking. But it’s nice to see the moon in the middle of the night with few stars scattered all around while standing on ship edge railings. (I just close my eyes and imagined myself with Leonardo de Caprio in titanic after I wrote that. Hahaha) Nevertheless, all you can hear was the splash of water on the metal basement, indication that the Ship was actually moving.  It’s breath-taking and hair-raising at the same time.
We reached Aklan pier almost 5 o’clock Friday morning just before the sun rise so wonderfully. 

We took a 15-minute boat ride to reach Boracay proper. Aloha!!! The sun, the sea and the sun just collide for a warmth welcome!!

I miss feeling close to God and to Mother Nature. It feels good to get in touch with the beach once in a while. Listen to relaxing music, read a good book, catch up on your family’s latest while zipping your favorite fruit shake under a bright sun. The busy world didn’t actually collapse when I left for vacation! Bum. Real Talk.

I’m looking forward to more trips to Philippines’ undiscovered territories as much as I wanted to go back to Bora to take home more white sand and a lot lot more pics. My Boracay best time memories will always be kept and updated in my life’s wisdom bank.

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