A Letter From Me To You

By Unknown - 4:35:00 AM

It's time for a spring cleaning! I woke up this morning, eager to clear out my closet, update my phone book, even the list of people I follow on twitter and delete some file on my hard disk. It's been years I kept those old stuff  & it's time to throw away bad vibes.And the funny thing was, I found a love letter I wrote to a friend of mine two years ago. Well, we decided to go on separate lives after I left this on their mailbox and totally disconnect myself.(I edited few words because they're too harsh) And the letter goes this way:

So sweet, once in our lifetime God made us friends. Actually you're so good that your only flaw is that you're extremely selfish/insensitive that you can not even entertain an advice. Either way, I have four things for you.

One, there's a fine line between just being there and always too available. I can't be there for you 24/7 because I have my problems too. And I was raised not to.

Two, I'm not a mind reader.

Three, If only you've been honest and straight forward, I might have understood you.But you never gave me the chance.

And lastly, since you have decided to totally shut your life for others then for the love of god you might as well, BY ALL MEANS, try not to reach me. Maybe that's the kindest thing you can do for yourself and for me.

Deep down, I know you're still the same good person I met few years ago. That is, if you'll try to take time and open your eyes for a while. I pray, that by the time you care to listen, someone would be patiently repeat everything for you and stick to you no matter what. It's just too late for that person to be me. And I hope, that would at least hurt you a little.

Good luck and I wish you the best.

P.S. Kindly check your life's inbox. I sent you the draft. (specially made for your hard heart)


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