Tonight's Gonna Be A Goodnight!!!

By Unknown - 6:17:00 AM

nasbi ko nlng: haha lupet traydor xa. bagsak ako e ;))
After stressful days, crazy deadlines and even CRAZIER deadlines, our team decided to escape the devil's playground haha. (and the devil's playground is the busy city life) Hot spring eto na kami!!!!!

team omel puro bagsak. tulog na tulog :]
It was a long drive to Laguna through slex. Mura pa ang toll dati pero sobrang trapik. We reached the place almost midnight. But the hot spring was a surefire to de-stress us all. Thanks to Sir Miguel for the treat. Hope you were there it was all fun. Too bad hindi rin nkasama si Anna, she got errands earlier that day. 

busog na glends. quarter pounder haha. gutom in a major way ;))

There we are munching on our late dinner. We drive-thru MCDO for fries and burger, so little time we didn't even have time to stop for dinner. We sung along in the tunes of e-heads, britney spears, classic videoke songs pinatulan namin, total eclipse, spolarium, you name it and yes even to the beat of billy jeans. Take note, ang galing ni Mikey, kuhang kuha ang boses ni MJ. But of course, hindi ngpatalo ang girls. We just don't sing, we dance real hard! total performer! hahaha Applause!!!!!!

mikey, isse, jand and me. team effort kmi sa pagkanta ;))

Thanks to Eddan for organizing the getaway.You're such a breathe of fresh air, you did a good job. Next time, let's make it 24 hours arrangement. Hirap gumising ng maaga after basagan. Bitin!!

I'm the first one to admit na sobrang bagsak ako. It was my first time to get drunk that real hard. I can feel my body swaying like I'm up in the air dude. But it made me so brave to jump in and out of the pool. haha. Next time beat me Jang, I guess that was your night or traydor lng tlga si Chivas =)) So epic, inabutan na kmi ng umaga sa pool. Mikey and Viki were even telling ghost stories while babad na sa tubig. It wasn't really that scary pero weird haha dikit dikit lng khit san mapunta. I really love this night.

Thanks omel and iolo for the ride. Hope you two had enough rest way back home. Ksi for us, tulog na tulog on our way like nobody's business khit bali na leeg. haha.

Fun had been really there. Unforgettable night, ang sarap nung tubig steamy hot. So refreshing I almost don't want to leave. hehe. Thanks guys for making it happen.

I'm looking forward to another hot spring outing soon, be ready to get drunk and wasted. bring it on!!! i miss you all!! lovelots......
Ang barkadahan!!!!  I super miss you all :]

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