Weekends After School

By Unknown - 3:33:00 AM

Forget that ugly face. It's all I have! haha simangot ;p
My weekends are kinda sort of heavy. Its often the busiest days of my week. I'm usually up by 7am. I'm not a morning person but then again, maybe yes!! haha. I teach Nick from 9am to 11am. I go to school from 12:45 to 4:30 for my thai language classes. I catch up with friends for dinner. (Because friends gettin' old ;p) I do the laundry. Praying close to God. I help my sister w/ the grocery. I play facebook and twitter (a lot).Chat up with parents. Play with the dogs and I STILL MANAGE TO SAVE THE WORLD. Phew! Forget the superwoman part, but this is my life (uncut and commercial free) *wink ;).And it was fun!!

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