Just Like The Old Times ;D

By Glenda Rondo - 7:19:00 PM

Ahhh memories....

Do you remember those days when you'd gotten up so early to watch cartoons, hurriedly grab your cookies and a glass of milk and tell mom that your little friends will be coming along for a cartoon marathon? And.. You don't even bother to look at her as you say those words because your appalled at the thought of missing a minute with Sailor Moon and her friends? Yeah? OK. Good.

Not for me though.

About weekend-cartoon-marathon, I mean. Because as far as my 24-year old self can remember I didn't mind getting up early on a weekend morning if it means another day spent on mud and ducks and cows and his friends. Hahaha (a real farmville, y'know). And. it was fun!

And for old times' sake, last Christmas, me and my siblings (who used to be my playmates) decided to have a mountain climbing race. The field, the mountain and cows are real and the game is on! And the winner is my 3-year old niece on her semi-gown and crown. =))

So the next time you look back, why don't you, well,  surprise your childhood friends with cookies and milk and watch cartoon together again. Just like the old times!

Just saying :p

ang mga participants ;p

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I'm supposed to be the youngest..what..happen?

winner! they help each other climb the mountain while their parents busy talking. haha

kakaibang energy kids!

want you to make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world ;p

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