Made in Bangkok

By Glenda Rondo - 12:48:00 AM

(Photos courtesy of Isse Mariano)

 As I grow older, the world becomes smaller. And that's a fact!

I was busy running errands in BKK when, I bumped into my long lost friend and her family and had that kind of bonding we haven't for ages way back in the Philippines. Haha. (btw, the "long-lost-friend" thing was on her part and the "over-acting" was mine) Now, that's a fvck! hahaha

Yes, raising eye-brows?!? Wondering why I'm soo here in BKK??

I'm glad you asked.

Maybe.Because. Life. Events. Happen.

I was reading 1000 Places To See Before You Die one lazy Sunday afternoon, when my doppelganger had this crazy idea, "I want to become a writer and this is the best time to pursue this dream. Let's go cross-country!! First stop, BKK baby!!" And I was like, huh?? seriously??

And the next thing I knew, I'm here. As a Cost Executive, though ;p

But that's where the fun part comes in. Absentmindedly, you're in-love with the idea of chasing after your dreams. The farther, the higher, the harder it gets, the better. And you keep craving for more. Up to the point that you just want to book yourself a direct flight to the moon because you realized all you ever wanted is to become an astronaut. An astronaut?!? Oh please, not that. Please...

That's not where I'm supposed to be going. Where are my friends? hahaha

Going back, I met Isse and her family at Chatuchak. From there, we took a 2-hour trip to Ampawa Floating Market a.k.a City of Fireflies then went to Khaosan Rd. (take note: in the middle of a red-shirt rally) then to Baiyoke Sky deck to have a better view of the city at night from the 84th floor. Phew! I can't believe we had that kind of energy to fit all those in one day. Fun was really there.Plus, I got to see some places I've never been before in my 5 months stay here. It feels like a BKK tour the first time the second time around. Yay!

That was awhile ago but it Thanks Isse ;p

Anyway, I still heart Manila but who would say no to the Amazing Land of Smiles ;)

Sawasdee Kah!

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