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By Unknown - 7:42:00 AM

Hello there.

You know that story in Greek mythology in Plato’s Symposium of how humans were once one being with two heads but Zeus split them up fearing they were too powerful, forcing them to spend their lives searching for that other half? Awwww, so sweet! It makes me want to eat a box of heart-shaped chocolates :)

I do believe in destiny, in soul mates and finding "the one". Who doesn't anyway. I just hate that part when people keeps asking you where's destiny, who's your soul mate, found 'the one' yet? Silence. And then you start asking yourself the same thing. Awkward. If it's a joke, it's a fvck*n funny joke.
Fortunately, I’m not that bitter.Single or Taken. It depends on who's asking. Hahaha JK!

But here's the thing; I really really want to get married but right now, I have a bad “around-the-world-von-voyage” craving. Problem solved?

On the other news, I’m in relationship and it's complicated. =))

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