Happy 6th Anniversarry to Me!

By Unknown - 9:49:00 PM


 You know you're getting old when people at your age have already done insanely impressive things like; founded a company, bought a car or already given birth. (Not to mention life's real jokes, you're a Lola at 25). And yet, there you are staring blankly at your computer monitor, spending your imaginary billions on SimSocial like a pro while truth is, you are dead broke. Or is it just me? :p

Well, while some people are mature enough, confident enough or clever enough to take control every aspects of their lives, some people are not. One of them is me.

Gladly, this is all about perspective.

It's been six years and a half month since I set out that journey that carried me from Salcedo St. to overseas. What do I got? A heavy amount of experience and the best time of my life. This weren't as huge as inventing the Facebook but it had reaped untold benefits and it was incredibly rewarding. I'm not going to sugarcoat it and tell you that everything fell easily into place. It wasn't all romantic. You have to work hard and try even harder.

The best thing though, those things that actually breaks you will eventually make you. At work, you will meet many people who will become life's real friends. It will helps you connect with the real world. It teaches you to take actual pictures and not just document everything on facebook. Paycheck! ;p

Success is a bizarre word.

The way I see it, the life is all about exchange ideas, possibilities and CHOICES - come up with your own and let others pick theirs.

I'm living. I'm learning.

At your service,

The Assistant

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