From Samui Island with ♥

By Unknown - 8:34:00 PM

One word: Wow!

From the first few seconds your feet soaked into a white sand beach and buried over and over through what is, presumably, a tiny creatures massaging every muscle of your feet giving back life to every pore of your being. And from there, you’re being carried away into a blurry world of pleasure that comes with every lavishness your life ever wished for and bounced in a slow motion while holding a glass of Nuvo, something you see in every Pitbull’s or Jennifer Lopez’ music videos. The imagery was combined with the tune of ‘Good Life by One Republic’ and you can’t help but believe as if everything is right in the universe.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

If I were to go through a worst break-up, I’ll come here and spend a week or two and splurge all my hard earned money on expensive wine and party rockin’. I told my brother when we’re on our way to the villa. He mentioned something like “suicidal” in a usual voice of a villain. I changed my mind, India can do me better. Ha ha ha!

But while I was here, I might as well relax and stop trying too hard. In all honesty, we came here for job hunting and God had singled me out of my many siblings to come with my brother for a special, refreshing vacation in between his interviews. A win-win situation, I guess.

What’s left to do?

Throw peanuts. Sip on my favorite fruit shake. Walk under the sun, without putting sunscreen. Keep throwing peanuts. Shout on the top of my lungs “My name is Libertyyyyyyy”. Take a lot of photos. And flood my friends’ timeline. Then run.

Who cares? Everything looks right on Facebook.

Just kidding ;p

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