First Wedding Anniversary

By Glenda Rondo - 7:23:00 PM

So, one year ago I married my first and last love.

It wasn’t a romantic wedding I dreamt of. No fireworks,no fountains of wine, no grand venue, no fancy food and dresses, it was a simple one. But I was honest with my feelings and I’m more than content that this celebration brought our friends & families together. And that was far more precious than any material things in the world.

I know how tempting or easy it was to plan out the details of your married life while you were boyfriends/girlfriends, fiance or fiancee or in an observer view and not as a participant of it (we should not do this or that, we should go here and there, only this or nothing, endless rules, do’s and don’ts, you name it) but my past year being married reminds me, yet again, that you should be open to changes of plans and tons of things not coming your way. 

Part of the gift of being married is to accept everyone else for who they are (for real) and to truly discover who you are and where you stand by being challenged from time to time. And the challenge is always greater when we care.

“Marriage is the union of two forgivers” as the famous quote goes and I absolutely agreed on.

Today we have so much to celebrate,


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