A Short Walk To The Aquatic Zoo

By Glenda Rondo - 11:30:00 PM

It seems like my baby girl knows more about “what-she-really-wants” in her 8th month than I do on my entire 28 years of existence :)

One of the most beautiful things for me is to see the look of my daughter who's in love with something. So genuine and honest. There's such contentment and peace in her eyes that you just can't help but stare and admire it.

Our short trip to the Aquatic Zoo was fascinating. She’d been shouting and smiling the whole time we were inside the environs. She loves fishes and I’m thinking of throwing an “under the sea” themed party on her 1st birthday. (Wait "till she meets Mickey & Friends lol)

But for now, I will be more vigilant and records all (okay some :) signs of interest my baby is starting to show and maybe get tricks along the way on how to be the coolest mom in the world. BOMB. 

Here are the things I’ve found most sensible:

1.      Everyday is a wild adventure filled with mixed emotions. Try one with your child and you'll be surprised with her reactions. That facial expression though.

As you can see the snake is trying to strike a conversation here, while daddy is trying to convince himself he's not scared at all:

“Please Gods don’t tell me you’ve been bored or else I'll lose my job. There are a lot of activities we can do here. Like a lot.”

My little girl gave it a deadma look. I couldn’t be happier, snakes are deadly. Period.

2.       You're never too old to visit a mini Zoo. It always brings out the child in you lol :)) 

I think I enjoyed the mini Zoo more than I thought I should. I've been planning to take Chloe to a wider Zoo here in Bangkok, but after the news of a white tiger mauled a young boy to death, I'm scared for life. It's not that Chloe will be climbing the walls too, but the idea of animals being too wild not able to tamed, I gave up on the idea. Some time maybe.

3.       Every baby is unique and has their own little friend. Whether imaginary or a...... fish haha!

Let me tell you a story of a little girl, who lives in a small room in an old building plunked on one of the busiest streets in the city, a place with no great importance by the sea. And every day she would look out in their window and imagines herself on an island, walking along the seashore, against the waves and under the sun.

One day on her visit to the aquatic zoo, there’s a shadow coming from a glass.

“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles”

The baby girl put her tiny hands against the glass, and the little thing came to light.

Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle.

“Ba ba ba ba “the baby girl responded with a beaming smile. 

And that was the start of their friendship. (Best conversation of little creatures ever lol)

4.       Remember that "Daddies can be babies too" haha in a good way. Whatever.

So this is the difference between badly wanting things vs. simply needing them. Need means I will walk on a shop with “the thing” on my mind and buys it right away. Want is when he walks through an aquatic zoo with lots of aquarium and fishes on display; he takes picture, stares at them for a minute or two, goes home and uploads his photos.  And while checking on his photos, he realized he wants an aquarium. So he types in the comment, I want this. Somebody sees it and offers to give him one for free. He's very happy that he wants it right away.  No response. He takes a nap. The following morning his wife discovered that he's not going to take the aquarium anymore because it was too big. He went back to the aquatic zoo and the cycle of “wanting” begins again.

5.       Mommies have bad taste and corny ideas , just embrace it :)
Do you want to build a snowman?? I mean a sand castle? Because Chloe is celebrating her first birthday party under the sea with Olaf or Nemo maybe, and I'm thinking maybe you could extend me a little help. Let the planning begin.  If you have cooler ideas and suggestions or props or costumes, don't hesitate to fill me in. 

It's love at first sight, you know!

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