Happy 10th Month Chloe!

By Glenda Rondo - 12:49:00 AM

     So there’s this girl who owns my heart and calls me mah-mah (or is that a mam mam mam?) Well, I admit she first babbled the word PA-PA and rattles daddy-di-di every now and then; but still it melts my heart just hearing her first consonants-vowels combination. 

And I’m really excited how great our conversations would be especially now, she’s turning 10 months old! And we’re celebrating her existence as usual.


Chloe’s size:

Her dad’s upper leg :)

Fascinating developments:

 Well aside from an impressive high-five, kiss on the cheeks, flying kisses and some gibberish words and conversations with this babe, she can now officially stands on her own and show some moves: she can walk now like 3 steps forward and stands up. Love <3 comment-3--="">

  Watch her video here

Currently munching on: 

Surprisingly enough – GOTO! Since they discover this morning GOTO shop nearby they’ve been eating it for breakfast for almost 2 weeks now. And I noticed a dramatic increase in her weight, so who would say no to that? :)


Currently listening to:
            Chu Chu TV playlist! This is without a doubt a great help for me especially when boredom strikes and some mood swings on most parts of the day. She will drop everything and dance at the very first tune of it.

          The best part? She will rest her head on your stomach while her eyes are glued on the screen. Clueless sweetheart!


Currently wearing:   

Given the weather here in BKK and how active and sloppy she is now, I bought her a lot of shorts, leggings, t-shirts and sweaters. I officially stop styling her with fancy dresses,well, at least for now.


Currently doing:
            Biting daddy’s legs, pulling everyone else' hair and if you’re lucky enough, she will pinch your nose with all her might.
          She loves to throw objects too. Just to see how fun it is to watch you pick them up again and again.

She’s the sweetest and the smartest 10-months-old I know (Sorry I'm not sorry lol). She's an absolute sweetheart. She loves to smile. She loves fishes and she owns an aquarium. She’s just simply amazing!


Looking forward to:

            Her first trip to Philippines, her first Christmas and her first birthday! We can’t wait to meet her Lolo and Lola. We’re looking forward to play in the farm and mud with cows and ducks. 


So we'll be seeing yah!!


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