By Glenda Rondo - 8:23:00 PM

Imagine you are from a very poor family in a small town where's your only way to get out of your current situation is to study hard and try even harder. Everyday, you walk miles and miles away from home with an empty stomach under the scorching heat of the sun just to get to your school. Not to mention, wearing your hand-me-down clothes from cousins or teachers.

Then you went to high school to one of the best schools in town as 'scholar-ng-bayan'. Though it makes you forget your current status for a while, you halfheartedly accept it as a compliment and bitterly swallowed the only thing you've had - your PRIDE!

Here comes college; realizing your dreams, showcasing your talent and skills, being yourself and having your heart broken into pieces. You've always wanted to take Bachelor of Science in Advertising but the only school that caters such is also well-known at emphasizing something - you can't afford it!

Now let's pretend you actually lived through all that and now you have a degree - a BSMA though. Finally, you are now working in Makati and living in a high rise condo your boss provided for you, with your two equally ambitious friends even just for a week or so.

Oh life.

There are a lot of things and more therebetween  stories I wanted to tell you but I decided that; those need not to be the story of my life.

Yes I came from an average family but despite poverty, discouragements, gossips and bad bloods I managed to ticked things off my long and ever expanding bucket list and took my dreams seriously enough to write them down.

I'm always thankful to my college friends, college mentor and to my BTE Family for the confidence they always had.

I feel so blessed and by that I live my life gratefully!
#thankyou #thankful 

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