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By Unknown - 8:05:00 PM

 To be brutally honest with this, I think Betty-La-Fea have more style than me. But if you were to ask me to evaluate the perimeter of what I know about fashion, my answer would be –it’s from choosing the type of cloth to sewing the final touches. That being said, you might want to check my Aunt’s made-to-order gowns for all occasions. Lol, I was once her intern so that basically explains everything.

 Okay. I’m not here to give you a lecture about fashion but I’m here to sell you something and tip you on how to splurge wisely.

This is the best time to make use of your internet savvy potentials, to build that walk-in-closet of your dreams by the power of your hands.  If money is not a problem, go to and purchase now. Their clothes are so fashionable plus more and more discounts await you. Use my code ZBAP6013 for 15% discount on top of your already discounted purchases. Pheww, that’s lot of discounts for a rich girl like you. Hahaha.

Hey, did I forget to tell you that Zalora is by far the leading online fashion retailer in SEA? Be cautious of other online shop and I want you not to have to deal with the headache of walking around the malls or marketplace  only to go home empty handed.

Take the stress out of shopping.

Have fun, 


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