By Glenda Rondo - 5:34:00 AM

We know how tempting it is for us, parents to plan every detail of our child’s life - from her toys to her closet, her first day in school, her dental and medical insurance, her playmates, her brand of milk, her spoken languages and most specially her 1st birthday (or is it just me? hahaha )– so that at the very least we can pretend that we have some sort of final say on how everything in her life will unfold.

I’d start with her first birthday.

Initially I planned to take her “under the sea” along with family and friends and enjoy a sea shore party. But then again the budget is so tight and as long as possible I want to keep everything simple like an intimate dinner on our favorite restaurant. But my husband has a very good point at emphasizing that Chloe have the rest of her life to do that and for now, let kids be kids. 

What’s left for me to do? But to throw her a “Mickey & Friends” house parteyy.

And the outcome was beyond our expectations with only me and my husband planning and working on the “garage”. I gave him the idea and he did the whole activation. I know Chloe does not understand the importance of things by now but for sure someday she will realize things and would appreciate how hard her dad worked for this.

In due time, her life is her own adventure and we would let her live it her best way possible, with us, only as her cheerleaders every step of the way.

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