I Love Every Second I Spent With You!

By Glenda Rondo - 2:45:00 AM

It's official, I'm falling even more in love with my daughter. I love how she says mama, how she pinch the little skin showing on my neck, how she smiles back every time I throw stuff toys on her, how she punches my back just to wake me up, how she makes that annoying sound when she wants to see "chu chu tv" on youtube, how she hides her face on my chest when she's shy on someone, that sound she makes when she chew her solid food, how she bangs her head when she doesn't get what she wants, how she stares just like that and looks incredibly cute.. Everything she does, everything she wants to say, everything she is, mean everything to me.  I love her to bits and I'm willing to do everything for her since she means the world to me :)

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