Happy 16th Month Chloe!

By Unknown - 9:07:00 PM

So being busy isn’t always best. I forgot to keep track and write series about Chloe’s 15th month birthday because I was caught up with too many chaotic movements that don’t actually matter.

So many things need to be done. Moving out of our apartment, finding a new place and going out of the country is creating more chaos than excitement. I’m so stressed that I freak out on every single thing or people I came in contact with.

Too bad my daughter is unleashing more of her “naughty” side, testing my limits to a more frustrating level. Like for example when Mommy said “don’t play with the electric fan” she would run as fast as she could just to get away from Mommy and accidentally bang her head on the wall. Oh great, all that Mommy wanted is for her daughter to be safe and free from accidents but now she’s hurt. But because Mommy was so stressed with the world outside home, not to mention the kind of pressure she was under, MOMMY BECAME A MONSTER. She ended up hitting the baby instead of hugging and calming her down which is more frustrating as a mother. 

And it hits me. I felt like I’d failed at all aspects of motherhood. 

I learned my lesson the hard way. I’m glad I have a very supportive husband to calm both the mommy and the baby. He hugged the upset baby and told me that these are all normal part of how kids learn and grow and that I should not take things personally. I’m relieved. 

And Chloe being the sweetest 16th month old girl I always know, she held my hands and I gently whispered to her ear how sorry I was and that I love her so much. 



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