Weekends on the Islands of Krabi

So Krabi impressed me so much that I decided to write a simple travel post just for it. After several times of going to the beaches nearby (Pattaya and Bangsen), it takes a lot to impress me these days. And Krabi certainly didn’t disappoint.

 I’ll start by sharing our Krabi Adventures & photos with you. Next up I’ll cover how much it costs to travel Krabi, where to stay, the best Island tour and more.

Phi Phi Island

This white sand Island surrounded by big rocks mountain formation is Krabi’s most popular tourist attraction. It was once featured in the movie The Beach. It was our first stop to our 7 islands tour and we were welcomed by a heavy pouring of rain, perfect for a dramatic shot of the paradise. This small Island is absolutely packed with so much beauty and tranquility. And tourists, who also want to take photos for the love of Facebook. Nah, just kidding! 

Snorkeling and Island Sight-Seeing

Swimming with the fishes was the highlight of my trip to Krabi. Next to the buffet food we had for lunch. Burrped J Okay, I can’t be a professional travel blogger just yet because I don’t still have professional cameras, a Go Pro Hero or a water proof kind of phone I can take under or just below sea level. But undeniably, the best memories of my trip were the ones I forgot or didn’t even bother to take photos of. Because I’m too busy seizing the moment, yeah?

Travel Costs

Yes,  it’s healthy to splurge a little bit on travel, to eat once or twice on a fancy restaurant, stay on a five star hotel with all the perks that come with the price, plus to have a good photo op for all your travel OOTDs.


If we want to make the most of our travels; everything and everybody that come our way it would be more rewarding if we blend in with the locals, eat their food and stay with them even if we look like tourists. It's fine if you want to take a 5* hotel accommodation because that's how you like your self image to be maintained among friends on Facebook but it's entirely different opportunity if you expand your sense of self and realize that you are not there to sleep but to explore. And a buffet dinner on that hotel at a certain discount won't hurt either.

Obviously, I'm a huge fan of budget travel, like always. But how to stick on a shoestring budget when prices are continually rising.

Firstly, instead of wasting your precious brain cells stalking on your ex or someone else’s life on Facebook, follow your low cost airlines, booking websites, favorite magazines and people who are passionate with things you are most interested with.  We were able to score a promo ticket on Airasia (only because we know where and what we are looking for) which surprisingly cost us only 344 baht for a two-way ticket for each then book a budget hotel at Booking.com at only 188 baht each per night. But speaking of splurge, we cannot say no to a 1500 baht worth of Island tour by SEA EAGLE TOUR (arranged by our hotel staff) on which we were able to negotiate it to 1200 baht simply because we can speak their language. AND IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! The food, the speed boat, the view, all of these summed up to an ultimate experience.

Secondly, learn a foreign language. 

And lastly, be open to casual invitations, change of plans and things not coming/going your way – it opens you to an endless possibilities.

I hope this simple post and few of my photos will inspire you to visit this place someday!



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