Happiest 18 Months of My Life!

By Unknown - 8:45:00 PM

Last Sunday, we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday and we had so much fun except that there’s this little girl named Chloe who happened to be celebrating her 18th month also, surprisingly went on full blown tantrums and snubbing everybody for no apparent reason.

While the last 17th month was so energetic and lively; when all the physical energy is more than I can handle. She would climb all over the furniture, threw everything underhand (especially daddy’s phone), blew kisses to everybody, waved at bodyguards opening the door for us, and smiling and shouting at the top of her lungs.

I’ve noticed that every single time she turned one month up she had this amazing development either it’s superb one or something that totally put everyone in bad mood. And yesterday’s outburst was no exception. But being a supermom(yes please), I have an instinct like a snub is her way of saying; “I don’t like it when somebody do this or that”. And considering yesterday’s circumstance one big girl happened to be pulling her feet and taking her toys away from her. She felt being bullied and craved for affection.

And mom on the rescue covered baby girl with her own cape (!) and gave her the tightest of all hugs.

I love you my little monkey. (bleh ;p)

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