Mid Year Crisis!

By Unknown - 2:22:00 AM

The past couple of weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. The month of June was jam-packed with new career opportunity, moving out of our old apartment, parting ways with people so dearly, grief, traveling abroad and a new sense of direction.

I was offered an additional position which is far more challenging than my current one for the fact that this is beyond my proficiency. I wholeheartedly accepted it though coz I feel like the timing was right for my career development. 

My grandfather-in-law died one week before our scheduled flight to Singapore. The pull between your dreams and beliefs continues. We have to make careful considerations and concerns for the grieving loved ones and I’m glad God made ways to make matters better. Till we meet again grand dad.

The struggle of moving in and out of our apartment was real and I have to say this has reinvigorated my energy and resourcefulness in ways I didn’t know where possible. Sometimes we just have to try, have the initiative and actually DO what needs to be done.

Choose the things that inspire you and leave you in so much awe of life. I’m currently working on my new office, went to Singapore on a tight budget and still trying to figure out my way to work from our new apartment. And for that I deserve a nap.

But before that let me post this piece of “crap” :D to remind myself how grateful I am to have such amazing husband, family and co-workers being with me every step of the way.

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