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By Unknown - 12:02:00 AM

I love the smell of streets when it just rained. But this hot and very dry month of June and July creeps out of nowhere that you just hate the instance that rainy season becomes unpredictable. And now that it hits 35 degrees Celsius on the average and then a sudden heavy pouring any time of the day, it can ruin everything. And this kind of transition is tough to dress up.

It’s either you go t-shirt and short shorts style on every single day or just stay in your room with your AC on full blast. But we’re not heiress, we are hustla.  This Dipped Ruffle Skirt by Zalora is a stretchable cotton blend which means that it’s super soft to wear but cool enough to stand up wet and dry seasons. My favorite detail is the peplum design just below the waist, a perfect cover up for my belly fats. And the floral pattern spells cheerful and carefree!

I wore this to our Sunday church gatherings and though I wear wedges on almost all occasion, I changed to my white Nike sneakers and took these photos before the rain spoils the moment.

Staying positive in this negative weather,


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