Happy 6th Year Anniversary To My Blog!

By Glenda Rondo - 2:20:00 AM

Photo grabbed from @mikaelamartinez' instagram

When I started this blog “From the Earth to the Moon” in August 2009, I had unconsciously bound myself into an agreement of writing and sending posts into the space.  And on this 6th year anniversary of mine, I realized that those Aliens aren’t real because no one read them. No one commented. Or if ever there’s a slight chance that Aliens ever live, they are incapable of speaking or giving comments and suggestions, extremely silent.


The reason I chose to connect myself to the moon by pulling a string attached to it and name this blog for what it is now was that I had these childhood dreams of writing books for children and articles on magazines. BUT I was told that my dreams won’t get me anywhere. Writing books is CUTE but you’ve got bills to pay. If you want you can write everything down, here and there. But you don’t need to show it to anyone; you can keep it to yourself. Burn it, as you wish.

And they were right, my dreams won’t take me anywhere but it can fly me to the moon, if not to Singapore and it’s kind of the same place, where everything is dreamy. Hahaha kidding!

But seriously.

After 6 years of publishing not so perfect 95 posts (feel free to check my grammarJ), 1 extraterrestrial follower, 7,405 page views, and 5 hardly earned comments from beautiful angels on Earth, how far we’ve come? Not quite far, just a humble free trip to Singapore worth 10k baht by the no. 1 low cost airline, Airasia and an unexpected collaboration with one of the leading online fashion website in Southeast Asia, Zalora Thailand.

This isn’t HUGE as inventing the Facebook or as famous as BreakMyStyle or ThirstyThought (I can’t afford to be a high-maintenance fashion blogger btw) but who knows, I’m just a short little person with pocket full of dreams, BIGGER than I had 6 years ago. #librengmangarap

Beyond the sky is the limit, indeed! Thank you God! #blessed

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