On the Road Again! #Cha-amBeach

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Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit from Zalora Th

My girls and I always wanted to go on an exclusively “girls squad” road trip and finally, after having a hard time figuring out which way to go, were off! Google mapped out the roads we wish to cover then left room for some surprises.
We lost our way several times. But “Not Knowing Was Half the Fun” that’s what they say. I just wish I am more prepared and up for this kind of adventure because my hyperactive toddler was part of this squad.

First we stopped at "Platoo Restaurant Hua Hin" for a quick lunch. The place wasn’t very crowded (except for the other room that was filled with tourist on a group tour) which was nice because my baby can run around without pestering anybody. The food we ordered were really delicious and they cook amazing fish tom yum! We asked the waiter the easiest way to our hotel and nicely offered a guide which took us only 5 minutes away from the resto.

Though our hotel is a little bit far from central spot, it has everything we need; free coffee and cookies at the lounge, a mini gym, kid’s playhouse and a wide swimming pool. Across the pool is a clean peaceful beach to yourself. Springfield’s Resorts Cha-am is a condotel you can book at AirBnb. It’s a bit pricey compared to some hotels but it’s worth the price. This by far the widest room I ever booked. Plus the bed and beddings are clean, our bathroom have a bathtub and a separate shower room. The gardens around the place are exquisite, favorable to a woman who loves to take lots and lots of pictures like me. 

After my girls and I took a quick shower and got ready, we went on a road trip again, this time with our company boss as a tour guide. (Thanks Boss!) Our first stop was the newly opened “Ratchapakdee Monument” in Hua-hin and was jam-packed with lots of tourists’ mostly Thai people paying respect to their Monarchy. I was not able to go near the statue because my toddler was deeply asleep on my lap. Try not to disturb a sleeping toddler and nobody gets hurt, that’s a toddler’s rule. Once the monument sight-seeing experience was over, I was already tired and getting hungry for dinner. But my girls decided to go on shopping.

The place is called “Hua-Hin Night Market” and its situated kilometer away from Hua-hin Train station. We parked the cars near the station and it was a bit of a walk to the actual place.  I didn’t mind the walking and caring a 13 kilos baby at all, but while my girls were excited for the shopping, I was mostly really hungry and tired. And snapped, something unpleasant happened. I was angry at my baby because I can no longer handle her energy and my drama emerging all at once. I’m just glad my girls are so kind and tried really hard to make me and my baby feel better. I really wish my husband was with me at that time and promised to myself, I’ll never go on a road trip with only me and my toddler again. (Lessons learned) I miss my husband L #dramaqueen

We decided to head back to our hotel on our own leaving our tour guide behind after an impulsive dinner on the street market. Back in the hotel, I went straight to bed. My baby and I passed out right away while my girls were busy updating their Facebook statuses.

Until then,

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