Parents Guide to Shopping and Going Out with a Toddler

By Unknown - 9:19:00 PM

Since it’s the Queen’s Birthday and a special “Mother’s Day” here in Thailand I decided to write a simple "Parents Guide to Shopping and Going Out with a Toddler”.

Back in the day when couples go on boundless travel; shopping and eating out, not a care in the world. So God gave them a tiny little miracle named Toddler to shake things up a bit. Now, they can’t even sit inside a fast food chain for a quick lunch.

Here are my basic tips on how to lessen the stress and get the most of your travel with your toddler;

  1. Have a plan. Basic planning should include where to go, what to buy and where to eat. Before we went out of the house we have a clear goal in mind, to buy the “Alchemist” book in AsiaBookStore. But the timing for lunch was overlooked. We were too hungry to decide where to eat, arguing and lots of walking around giving enough time for a toddler’s public tantrums.
  2. Avoid impulsive decision-making and stick to the plan. After we bought the book my husband secretly have it wrapped as a “Mother’s Day” gift to me. So here comes the waiting game in a bookstore that’s filled with stimulation and temptations. Save your big NO to a hyperactive baby running and shouting around the store.
  3. Keep your visit short. That is if you mastered the art of planning; remember items 1 & 2 in the list.
  4. For instances that you have to squeeze in too many errands with your toddler (for some reasons no one is available to look after her) search for a play house in the mall where she can enjoy and meet new friends while you work  on ticking off your to do list.
  5. Bring a lot of stickers to keep her busy in the bus and at restaurants. Because nowadays, toys can only keep a toddler engaged for like 1 minute, 2 minutes or more and you’re lucky.
  6. Have patience. Like a lot.
Let me know if you have other suggestions and tips on how to handle an amazing toddler, as I never managed to do so.

Better yet, enjoy every moment of it because sooner or later they’ll grow up and leave.

Happy Mother’s Day Thailand!

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