Happy 20th Month Chloe!

By Glenda Rondo - 12:56:00 AM

Hi Chloe,

Now that you’re 20-month-old and getting more and more beautiful each day you’re also becoming active in less desirable way. But that’s okay honey! It only means you’re determined and love a little sense of danger just like mommy. Hihihi. Just be extra cautious because while “Climbing and then falling once in a while” is FUN, falling furniture on you is just way too dangerous and something I couldn’t handle.

I want you to know that you’re a small part of a society and every little thing you do especially your attitude will affect every person you see and meet. No pressure. While I understand that you’re still adjusting to your nth times visit to Church I noticed how you mastered shooting everybody with your sharp eyes for the first 10 minutes we’re seated. It hurts. It could kill.

But I’m glad you’re now comfortable with your playmates David and Michael. I saw you hugging them while eating dessert. It was even captured on camera when David holding your glass while you pretend to zip an iced tea. Do you think you’re ready to go to play school now? Or is it too early because we didn’t start on your potty training yet?  

How about your vocabulary? How many words can we speak now? I heard you say “Aldennnn” the other day or was that you? Hahaha. I love how you say Chu Chu, Dirty, Two, Meaw, No and a louder NOOOO! Mammam for milk and Daddy Daddy every now and then. You’re also good at playing favoritism nowadays. One day I’m your best buddy and then the next day it’s always Daddy. I asked you to say Mommy but you uttered “daddy” numerous times. You cheeky girl!

I love you babe and thanks for helping mommy with the household chores; p

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