How to find that hidden cheap flight for your ideal trip!

By Glenda Rondo - 9:03:00 PM

I am this happy knowing I’ll be seeing this paradise again! It’s been a while since our last super-sulit Island getaway and I’m excited to get the ball rolling on this topic for you.

So last Monday I was pulled by the hurricane-like effect of vacation hangovers; screwed up hitting the snooze button to gain extra 10 minutes of sleep, arrived late to work and missed my morning meeting. Phew!  But even if I haven’t had the best morning, I was able to accomplish something prolific and exhilarating. Who wants to dive-in on my “forever summer” trip and Go Island hopping with me on one of my favorite beach destinations so far – Krabi, Thailand?

I know you’re dying to say yes disregarding my stamp of approval coz hell yeah! (You’d rather go on your own) then go find yourselves cheap air tickets for dates Nov 5 to 8. As for me, my booking has been confirmed. Hola!

Here are few easy tips on how to find that hidden cheap flight for your ideal trip.

Sign-up for Airlines reward program!

As a budget traveler I stick to Asia’s budget carriers. This means fewer perks but sure way cheaper and practical and fun - if fun is what you’re after. Most of us tend to ignore links from ads and tiny call outs on their websites, but if you click the right link you’ll be surprised with the endless possibilities of – possibilities. Lol!

The best example for this is the Airasia BIG Loyalty Program wherein you will earn BIG points on your Airasia flights or with their participating partners if you’re not jet-setting around the world all the time.BUT being an Airasia member does not guarantee you for the incentive. You need to sign-up for Airasia BIG BIG and claim your points from every Airasia flights you made.  Only then you can use these points to redeem free seats, free add-on and hotel accommodations.

Pay with your debit card instead of credit card!

Many times free seat or zero-fare ticket means you just have to pay for the taxes - an inescapable obligation of a law-abiding citizen. Hahaha.  At a minimal cost, of course! Now to avoid additional charges and hidden cost, use your SCB card upon checkout instead of credit card. Airlines often charge credit card user with 75 % service charge while with direct debit you will only incur more or less 10% of the tax price.

Just make sure you're enrolled with your bank's internet banking to use this payment channel. 

Book your hotel with their participating partners!

Lets say you travel 2Days and 3Nights for your holiday this month. And an ideal hotel offers an average of 6000 BIG points on every hotel bookings.That's enough points toward an economy class seat on your next family trip to Chaing Mai or an early Christmas trip to Singapore with your husband. Speaking of a jet-setter sans the money.

Follow their Facebook page and watch out for special offers!

I would have missed out on a round-trip ticket to Krabi for only 200baht if I wasn't following Airasia BIG on Facebook. Oftentimes they offer last minute deals and special promotions to members for only 24 hours and after that they will open it to public. With priority access you can choose dates flexible to your schedule. It's a huge win if you're a super woman like me. Ahem! So much more, if you subscribe to their mailing list. 

Lastly, this is not a sponsored post so consider this a precious advice from a casual friend.

See you on board :)

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