My October Wishlist

By Glenda Rondo - 10:47:00 PM


Wishlist by dadadotcom featuring guess jewelry

1. Pencil Skirt
        Wow so now I'm thinking of incorporating Pencil Skirt in my wardrobe with my super petite frame? Why not? Hahaha. I want the one with a slit or a style that show a little bit of skin because I'm aware that my legs are incredibly cute and short to wear this kind of cut. But I love how this skirt look so smart when paired with heels and effortlessly chic when dressed down with T-Shirt and slippers.

2. Basic Top
            Here comes the time when I basically run out of decent top to wear for our dress-down Friday at work. I decided to make a last minute shopping yesterday but ended up buying accessories for my baby instead because I noticed most of the tops they sell in the market today are overtly sexy if not sleeveless and sheer type. I need one in a basic cut with stylish details. Okay, I'm clicking this Insert Top straight to my cart btw.

3. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
            This is something I can't pull off (thinking out loud)but I want to try it badly (that little voice sashaying at the back of my mind). Don't worry I will pair it with heels and choose the one in high waist. Or I'll tip toe all the way if ever my feet aches and decided to wear sneakers (no. 5 wishlist) instead.

4. Lace Crop Top
          This bright shade and surprising cut reminds me of a colorful summer; the sun, the sea and the sand. (Spell forever summer!) While I prefer white that signifies clean and fresh I realized that my closet is full of white and black already (see top wishlist items). Even to the point when I think I heard someone told me I'm wearing the same clothes every time we bump at each other. (It's my favorite color hello) And she never got the chance to know that because I'm good at refraining small talks, y'know :)

5. White Sneakers
             If only I can wear them to work like everyday cos they're super comfy and light. But I'll be wearing them every chance I get and with every type of clothing I have. Dresses, shorts, jeans, skirts, play suit like pretty please!

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