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By Glenda Rondo - 9:04:00 PM

Despite the super tight NAIA airport security my parents were able to sneak out from Manila to Bangkok for a few weeks of vacation. I mean we don't see any problem with two amazing old people going out of a country after 48 years (literally speaking) but knowing my father with undeniable life philosophy, he will not blindly follow or break rules, for the sake of it following/breaking them. That being said, the annoying stubborn teenager in me is apparently from him. Oh please, no need to call the police the situation is under control. Lol!

Yes, my parents are here for a few weeks of holiday vacay but spent most of the time potato-couching because they are too lazy to go out. Not unless you raise the roof by setting a rule of "dinner outside" only. The problem with old amazing people (stubbornness aside) is that they keep on thinking about the work they left in the farm and never stop working at such old age. I'm taking them to Krabi next week for a beach getaway but still getting no for an answer. But like what I've said, I'm taking them over and may the best pigheaded human being ever, wins! 

So, I'll keep you posted? 

Wearing Sport Sheath Dress by Zalora

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