Krabi Travel Diary

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Vacations can be so tricky. From receiving your booking confirmation to choosing where to stay, from deciding what to bring, packing your things and to coordinating with your travel buddies, can either make your trip memorable or something you regret ends up doing. But I think the most important of it all is how well adjusted and positive minded those people you are traveling with. Because no matter how well you plan every detail of your travel, if people who are part of it succeeded at injecting negative vibes on you, your trip is doomed to fail.

Krabi is a special place for me since our last trip with my husband and some friends. So the moment I knew my parents were coming over a holiday, I booked us an Airasia flight right away. Thinking it would be more fun to have my baby girl on board. I didn’t anticipate the stress this got me until my parents wanted to back out at the last minute. And my husband was on their side.

This was the second time someone tried to stop me on pushing through with my travel plans. I don’t mind allowing myself to be unpleasant towards people who have negative outlook and whose advice have no positive impact in my life but what pulled me backwards and made me depressed was some sort of bad luck these people are causing not only to me but to all the innocent people who are with me on the trip, just in case. I don’t get it how people can be so mean when you’re starting to feel the rush and excitement.

But the good news is nobody gets in the way of a person with high hopes and good intentions. It’s always been a dream of mine to go jet setting and to see places and different faces and I will do whatever it takes to get me one step closer to that dream. And my parents couldn’t say no to that. Nobody can ;p

Day 1

We arrived at the Krabi airport past 10:00 Thursday night and I bombarded the Villa owner with lots of reminders before we left Bangkok. In the aftershock of a pessimistic argument about this trip, I was impressed to see a man holding a banner with my name on it right after the airport exit. A little enthusiasm is all we needed.  But then again, the Villa owner was late to welcome us leaving a dreadful 30 minutes of waiting in the van with people who were mostly hungry and angry.

But the Italian owner being truly sorry he was, let us check in on his 90 square meter villa with two rooms and all the facilities needed for a big family of five. We passed out right after we had noodles for dinner.

The next morning we spent half the day swimming in the pool and another half walking the sea shore just watching the world go by. We wanted to jump on a boat and go Island hopping but sadly my father has a sea phobia and my super power signaled a no-further-argument, your honor!

Day 2

The Villa owner appeared at the doorstep 10:00 Saturday morning and asked if we have plans of going out on this beautiful sunny morning. Before I could even give him my morning greetings my mother shouted “no, we’d rather sleep and eat all day” on which we surprisingly laugh it off. The owner bid his goodbye and we spent the whole morning talking and drinking coffee in the patio.

The best thing about stay-cation is that it gives you ample time to reflect on the highlights of your travel, if not with your whole life. There’s always an adventure you can find inside of you no matter how laid-back your outlook is. I always thought to myself I don’t care if I don’t have a beautiful house or a car to drive off to work but as long as I have money to travel the world I couldn’t be any happier.  But a house like this couldn’t hurt either. The interior is so simple but elegant. It’s enough space for family of two children. It would be more peaceful if it’s strategically located in the middle of nowhere but it’s still a good idea if built in the heart of a bustling city.

Oh the ambitious in me never stop dreaming!

Day 3

It was a simple getaway, not a 5-star hotel, no yacht, no fancy dinner but the memories and the bonding we had with my parents were far more precious than any material things in the world. And I'm glad they came with me.

Hello Bangkok, its us again. Krabi bye for now.

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