Asian-style Thanksgiving Party

By Unknown - 7:14:00 PM

Our busiest month officially started last Sunday with our Asian-style "Thanksgiving Party" held inside a small Church venue. Though mine kicked-off with our company's "Sports Day & New Year's Party" last Friday. Yep, our social calendar is about to explode with four more parties and family get-togethers.And with the holiday shopping rush soon upon us, you can't help but sing "it's the most wonderful time of the year". Yeah!!

Here are some of the highlights of our Thanksgiving party: 

Me wearing Floral Pattern Midi-Dress from Something Borrowed. Me and my daughter in full bloom matchy-matchy outfit because why not. Hahaha

So here's the only photo I was able to snap of my husband because he was too engaged at being the photographer. And by the way, he is the official photographer of this blog if he's not lazy. Kidding!

Here's our beloved pastor giving his welcome speech and obliging everyone to put into words what we are thankful for in this lifetime. Well, whatever it is that we're going through, we should thank God for the privilege of being alive. I'm beyond grateful for giving me the gift of family & friends, stable job,  loving husband and adorable daughter. For being part of a support group and most especially, the blessedness to go after your dreams. I love my life beyond all measures. 

Some friends in the music team singing their hearts out. Even my little girl is an avid fan of these people. She claps her hands, stomps her feet and sings with them even if she can not properly say the words. In few years time, I'll be seeing this cute little face in front of the stage leading her team. So much potential. Such promise.  

And this time, let the focus be on me. Who says 29-year-old mommy can't dance? Well, I can't perfectly move my body the way you expected it to be but I can gracefully sway my hands and hips in such a way you can't take your eyes on me. Hahaha! That's what you get when you're drinking too much coffee and gets 4 hours of sleep on the average. Forgive me.

For the first time in the history of good listening, I was able to lend my ears for about 30 minutes of a lecture by this surprisingly great speaker, Pastor Jacob Tibio. 

And lastly, when food coma finally sets in, the pabebe waves come out. Hahaha here I am with my girls goofing around after indulging ourselves with too many Filipino foods.

That's all for now.

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