Two Thousand Sixteen

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Temple visit: My little Miss Universe and me wearing Zalora dress

Old habits die hard, so they say. I made random #newyearresolutions last week after an unplanned trip to our Kumare’s house; we will never run out of snack or groceries inside our fridge. From now on, we’ll have healthy options, limit our spontaneous trips, infrequent coffee houses and stop taking cabs as the only means of transportation to everywhere.

Until the morning of January 1st, we embarked on our first ever “unplanned trip”. One resolution failed already. This was the first thing I wrote and burned during our New Year Countdown celebration but broke the same thing 6 hours right after. Unplanned trips are always the best but they can be the most expensive at times. Tell me I’m not alone, lol!

Anyway, I’m not giving up completely. Our fridge is crammed with healthy food and snacks and I’ve been eating fish on a daily basis since the start of 2016. Yay.  We’re off to a good start with my baby girl stacking on carbs and my husband playing basketball an hour a day.

These past few weeks were absolutely a blast, I’ve been caught up with loads of parties and sleepovers that I hardly find time to update my blog. There are a lot of things I need to include on my New Year Resolutions’ List (mostly connected with blogging) but sometimes these goals/dreams of mine are so precious, that one way or another, it’s something I would rather do than talk about. ;)

Happy 2016 everyone! (here are few snapshots from our holiday)

I love how the colors look festive and appetizing

the mandatory pose

white team

with my girls

Winner by most number of photographs

the "magaganda"

senior citizen 

pink team

with anything 'black" team

Black team

John with his usual kwentong barbero

Pastor's daughter :)

Pastor's adopted daughters. Kidding :)

Go help yourself :)

That awkward moment your face almost touches the food makasama lng sa groupie

Let your light shine while trying to blow-up someone else's

reunited before the game begins

Thankful for 2015!

kwentos over candle lighting

Mr and Mrs sharing food and laughs :)

The A-Team 

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