Carpe Diem!

By Glenda Rondo - 11:01:00 PM

Grab your camera.
Get lost in the wilderness.
Sneak out of the back door and just be free!

Create yourself every day
Through the dresses you wear
Through the colors and style you choose.
Look straight ahead through the lens
Plaster a smile on your face
And just be brave!

Express art in your shoes
Those hidden gems on your accessories
Visit monuments and museums that inspire you
And don’t get intimated by the classic!

Carry your ideas in your bag.
Fill them in. Take them out. Drop them everywhere.
Far away, far from view, far from you!

Paint your face with the colors of the rainbow
Bold, bright, full of life!
Harness your inner demons; fear, insecurities
Cast them to light

Spend extra time with your children.
Live with their hobbies and joys.
Play with pleasure, enjoy yourself.
Carpe Diem
Don't forget to stay in the day!

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