Journeys in Thailand: A Reason to Celebrate

By Unknown - 12:44:00 AM

There are plenty of reasons to attend our Sunday gatherings at GIFT Church, all but for the glory of the Lord. Be present to celebrate the gift of life. Meet real people. Shift old ways and habits to better days. Celebrate bountiful gifts. Pray for your shortcomings and misfortune. Pay forward to all the blessings you’ve had and will receive. Whatever is your calling, be present to the praises and abundance of the moment and you’re most welcome.

Last week was exceptional. We celebrated our pastor’s mother (Lola Paty) 77th birthday. We have fun sharing this moment with these folks who’ve been in the same way bear witnesses to our own family’s event highlights; birthdays, wedding, christening, anniversaries and even traditional holidays.

I met this family through my husband Delle sometime in 2011 when we were still dating. And being an introvert myself, you can’t imagine how hard for Delle to put all these convincing power and true-to-life influences at work. Those moments he was desperately in need of divine intervention for me to go out and meet people. Now, I’m a convert. And by that, I’m forever grateful to Delle and these people.

And while it’s true, it’s hard enough to exist in a foreign world without your loved ones or friends; this family and few other members have been reaching out to OFWs as support group while fulfilling their role as missionaries. As an expat, help may come in different ways through different people. I’ve seen a lot of Filipinos coming in and out of this Church and have heard numerous stories and struggles but one thing for sure God sent us here for a reason. And I’m glad we came and met in this little house called G.I.F.T Church.

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