My 26th Month Old: Asking and Learning Stage

By Unknown - 2:45:00 AM

The strange favorite of mine is how this little bunny follows me along and wants to be part of what I am doing. Being impatient at first, I tried to get things done quickly out of her sight. But I noticed her willingness to help and this eager desire to please me. She wants to be a good girl to mommy, I guess. Thus, the next time I did household chores like folding clothes; I let her keep her own garments inside the drawer, that’s her job! This role gave her a sense of incentive. One time I caught her nodding her head possibly taken aback by the idea that she’s a “big” girl now. The bonus point? Mommy got an instant adorable helper! I’m still in so much awe of her impressive ability to follow directions; “put it in the drawer”, “get your ball under the table” or “get your shoes and put it on”. Yes, I’m that sad statistics, the proud parent! J

At this stage, she also has this never-ending questions of “what’s that?” or simply “dat or sha” (as my sister perceives it) pointing to every object and people around. I encourage her curiosity by responding to everything; that’s a book, a ball, your tita, your tito, nose, lips, eyes and so much more. I thought this doesn’t work because I was the one doing most of the talking and she just keeps on asking the same thing time and again, but to my SURPRISE, she was picking a good number of words. We were scanning images on my phone when all of a sudden funny accents sprung on her lips “ Chicho for tito”, “A ball for ball”, “eatch for eat” and “Nose” in her loudest happiest tone and even convey them in action like “walk”, “kicks with an s” and “sit”. I know it’s not much but these little things made me cry happy tears, promise!

The only downside for this is how she imitates and munches almost everything that I snack too. After few trips to 7-eleven and supermarket, exploring the alleys endlessly, she recognized the advantage of these rare moments of independence. She spends most of her time on junk food section and goes straight to the counter once she’s satisfied with her selections. Her current favorites are m&m’s and pringles! It’s terrible that I let her works her way and that I was hesitant to say no or else I’ll face a dreadful public tantrum. My bad L

Last weekend, she emptied a can of pringles, ate half of a corn and had a plate of rice and pork adobo for dinner. And just before midnight, she had constipation. It’s the most horrible time seeing her crying in the corner fighting for pain. I did most of the home remedies but unfortunately, it doesn’t help. That awkward moment you were hugging each other while crying and trying to help her push harder. Only the following day, after a spoonful of medicine, Daddy worked his wonder and forced the thing out of the crying baby. I felt a sudden relief and swear to God I won’t let her eat what she wants ever!

Oh, the struggles and happiness of motherhood!

No regrets J

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