My Favorite Parenting Style : Thai Approach

By Glenda Rondo - 1:18:00 AM

Everything is a learning experience for me when it comes to motherhood. As a new mom living in a foreign country (away from my mother) I learn to love and adapt some ways in which foreign perspectives can add incalculable depth to my parenting styles - which is basically a mimic from my own upbringing.  I’ve been picking up clues and tips along the way essential to my child’s growth even before she was born.  

And the first thing that caught my attention, which is currently one of my favorites, is how my Thai friends  gracefully braced themselves over children’s public behavior and giving their toddlers  A LITTLE MORE CONTROL OVER THINGS. And I’m not surprised by where this little action is leading to - nothing but clearly confident children. (I’m open to any of your arguments with regards to that last sentence hahaha )

I mean I found this fascinating because I was brought up in an environment with totally opposite POVs. They taught us to behave in the most sensible way highly considering other people’s feeling, most of the time.  Well while I completely understand where my parents and other relatives were coming from like behaving this way is a sign of respect to other people and for us to avoid accidents or problems,  I felt like I behaved way too well that my self-confidence was also stuck there along with my creativity and emotional freedom. (Or is it only me? But you get it, lol)

For example, in typical Filipino social gatherings, I noticed that if the child is moving, running around the place or playing with other kids you will definitely hear countless “don’t do that, don’t go there, and high-pitched NOOO!” not only from their moms but from almost everybody in the room.  Sure, I will not tolerate children’s behavior affecting safety and lack of respect for other people BUT aren't we overreacting and limiting all of our child’s actions?

I grew up with the latter approach and struggled with much of life that I want my daughter to gain more emotional control and a better sense of her place in this big, BIG world.

Is this foreign parenting style a missing piece to my own parenting puzzle?

Fill me in your thoughts :)

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