Spring Into Summer State-of-Mind

By Unknown - 10:17:00 PM

Watch - Seiko
Hat - Friend's Gift
Shoes - Night Market

Gosh, spring in my mind.

One of the things I was most looking forward to when I was young was playing in the farm filled with wild flowers in full bloom. Wherein we lay flowers on our feet with matching flower crowns on our head and just rest there to our hearts' content. Only to went home with bug bites and rashes. Lol!

Ah those were the days.Those times before technology wins over my day. Hahaha

So before spring fades into hot summer days, I want to capture this moment and take note of all that has grown in my life. To be thankful for what has already been done and look forward to the idea of growing yourself into a person you want to be. I was able to accomplished some backlog of work that's been filing up, cleared out some deadlines, reunited with some old friends, renewed our visas and I'm off to a good start as usual. I'm excited what this month of March are in store for us.

Just like the flowers of spring, my world is in full bloom indeed!

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